Yet another new adventure

Added Value company

Besides running The Folks Magazine, I've had the pleasure of working with Editor-in-Chief Marije Tolsma-Groen on creating a diversity magazine called Added Value. The magazine was originally designed for NN Investment Partners who want to raise awareness on this important subject. 

Looking at the positive reactions we received on the first two issues - not only from the internal audience but also from outside - there seems to be a broader demand. This is why we now decided to make the magazine concept available to other companies who are trying to become more diverse.

I'm so excited to share with you the news that Marije and I will become business partners in this new adventure called Added Value. 

Check out our website or email me for more information!

Editor-in-Chief Marije Tolsma-Groen and Creative Director Dorien Franken. Image by Reza Harek

Editor-in-Chief Marije Tolsma-Groen and Creative Director Dorien Franken. Image by Reza Harek


The Folks Magazine on stage

That was fun!

We had a great time talking with Onno Warns at Pakhuis de Zwijger last Tuesday. Big thanks to everyone that came to hear us talk. And thanks to Dymphie Braun and Silke Heppenhuis for organizing the event and inviting us. For more info on The Folks Magazine please visit the website or mail us at


Volkskrant Magazine

The great people of Volkskrant Magazine wrote an item on The Folks Magazine in the DESIGN issue. Thank you CoverJunkie (Jaap Biemans) and Corinne van Duin, for doing this. We're so happy with it. - Team Folks Magazine

New Work

Added Value Edition 2

Some clients just are the best. Not only because I get to create something that is close to my heart, but also because it involves great teamwork. So here it is: the second issue of Added Value, a magazine designed for the wonderful folks of NN Investment Partners. It shares insights, stories and facts on gender diversity on the workfloor. A big thank you to everyone who contributed. 



Interview Adformatie

Three Creatives Launch New Magazine

We were interviewed by Adformatie. Read the interview here.

Three creatives launch new magazine

The Folks Magazine 

After many months of hard work and with the help of photographer Jerome de Lint and Britisch writer Siji Jabbar, we launched our very own magzine: The Folks of Amsterdam. The Folks is an independent magazine that shares in-depth stories of today's creative and adventurous folks of Amsterdam.

The Folks Magazine writes about people. It is devoted entirely to long-form, human-centred stories and short videos, or as our mission statement declares: ‘We don’t write about trends, it-things, seasonal must-haves, wardrobe issues, losing weight, top five restaurants, marital problems or politics. We write about people.'

"By focussing on what's real and daring people to reveal something of themselves, we're hoping people will be inspired and feel more connected."

Each interviews is about the internal dialogue of a person more than their external markers of success. Success is often the closing chapter of an individual's professional story. The Folks Magazine in interested in the beginning and the middle chapters of someone's journey, because this is often where people struggle, learn and grow. This is why the magazine's strapline says: 'From their failures to their glories, we share their stories.'


The magazine is ad-free and comes with no hidden subscriptions. Besides offering brands a way to connect with their audience through storytelling, The Folks Magazine exists to inspire. 'It would be awesome if someone living in Berlin, London or any other city and is thinking about starting a project but hesitates due to uncertainty, stumbles on our magazine, finds a story that resonates with them and goes: "I can do this too!" 

Besides online interviews and video, the magazine will create a print version and set up The Folks Talks: events where people can gather to share, learn and grow. The team will also seek an investor that
shares the magazine's values. 

Follow The Folks of Amsterdam on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter and never miss a thing. For more info or collaborations please contact me at 


A Newspaper about gender diversity

Added Value

Designtree was happy to create a newspaper for NN Investment Partners to inspire collegues about the added value of diversity in the workplace.

The initial request for a glossy magazine got turned into a newspaper instead, on Designtree's advice as the publication is distributed within NN Investment Partners worldwide, where a newspaper feels as the most logical media type.

The newspaper features an interview with Petra Stienen (writer, politician, spokes woman), an inspiring story with hockey coach Max Caldas, it reveals facts & figures and has a column of Valentijn van Nieuwenhuijzen and was distributed on March 8, 2017, during International Women's Day.

Identity design

PLTS: High Intensity Pilates & Barre

Designtree was asked by entrepeneur Renée Vervoorn (Cleanmeals), to help her design an identity for a new sports concept. PLTS is a boutique gym in Amsterdam offering full body reformer pilates and barre routines. Designtree designed the logo and identity and created the concept for the website. I also set up a small brand manual which is used throughout all communications. PLTS launched in February 2017.