Beautiful unseen painting by Geoff McFetridge

Art lovers will appreciate the work of Geoff McFetridge, a Los Angeles based artist and multidisciplinary auteur, born 1971 USA. McFetridge has created everything from poetry to animation, from graphics to ceramics, from movies to wallpaper. I wish I could go and see the exhibition MEDITALLUCINATION that is now showing at the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen where McFetridge is launching 13 new significant paintings on canvas. We love the minimalistic character of his work. The colouring is beautiful. “The images are meditations, in that they come from inside but they are also listening to the world around me. The paintings attempt to deeply engage with reality to try to attain transcendence. Hallucinations in that they are a made of the raw material of our brain, beyond experience, they are found images that are nearly hard wired into our minds.” - Geoff McFetridge, LA, 2014.