New work: RELAX

New magazine out now

I've been posting earlier about this project. The making of RELAX; a magazine of Prominent, specialist in relax chairs, who invited G+J Media Custom Content to participate in a pitch for the redesign of their magazine. The assignment was to create a lifestyle magazine that would change people's opinion about orthopedic chairs.

G+J Media invited me to create the concept with them. With that concept we won the pitch allowing us to create a first edition of the magazine, working with existing copy and photo's.

Now the second edition is out. RELAX #2 has a complete new flatplan filled with a variety of interesting items, interviews, news and background stories. A new typeface kit and pastel colorscheme was added as well. The layout is fresh, inviting and friendly. RELAX is a lifestyle magazine stuffed with tips, (interior) inspiration and stories that want to make you relax.

So enjoy and come back soon!

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