A Bunch of Creativity

If you're a creative person, then BUNCH Magazine is something you might want to look in to. It's a guide for the daring creative. BUNCH Magazine highlights influencers across creative communities, telling the story of risk takers who have merged their passions with their profession. Plus it is independently published.

A cool feature is the BUNCH LIST. For only $35 you can have your business name printed in the front of each issue plus a listing on their website that links to your portfolio/website, a photo on their website and promotion within their weekly newsletter. Ehm... hello. Cool. Thanks a bunch.

Source: http://www.bunchmag.com

The 12 best independent magazines

The Telegraph collected 12 independent magazines which they find the best ones out there. The title are:

  1. The Plant
  2. Flow
  3. Cat People
  4. Cherry Bombe
  5. Pom Pom
  6. Cereal
  7. Betty
  8. Intern
  9. Pretty Nostalgic
  10. Chick Pea
  11. Oak
  12. Hole & Corner

We're especially fond of Cereal, Betty and Intern. What's your favorite?

Hooray for Dumbo Feather

I've never heard of this magazine before and yet it celebrates its 10th anniversary with the 40th issue, out now. Dumbo Feather is an Australian magazine that talks about the extraordinary ideas that are behind extraordinary people. Each issue, they scour the globe for those with the drive to make a difference, seeking out those who inspire, excite and thrill us with possibility. So congrats team Dumbo Feather!

Source: http://www.stackmagazines.com/alternative/...