Launch Party

Papa, je snapt er ook echt helemaal niets van hè!

Last Friday, June 10, Tim van der Vliet launched his second book Papa, je snapt er ook helemaal niets van hè!. Bloggers, friends and family gathered at The Conscious Club (what a great place) to receive a copy of the book and to hear Tim talk about it. Off course I was there as well, together with co-creator and illustrator Vanessa Oostijen of Studio Koosje. Here's an impression of the event.

Book Design

This video makes you want to buy the book

Here's a video of Tim van der Vliet's latest book 'Papa, je snapt er ook helemaal niks van hè!' (Daddy, you really don't understand anything, do you!). The video is as fun and uplifting as the book is that I was happy to design. Interested? Please go ahead and order it. 

A book is a movie you hold in your hands


"A book is a movie you hold in your hands", says Michael Bierut, co-founder of Design Observer who is inviting foreign countries to send in their best and most beautiful books for the annual exhibition. The 50 books | 50 covers competition is the longest continually running design competition in the United States. It started in 1923 by the American Institute of Graphic Arts as "Fifty Books". There's a video about it too. What a treat.